Patient testimonials

« A calm, clean, warm and welcoming non-profit maternity hospital. I have many sweet memories here during birthgiving to my baby girl in Nov 2016. I love my midwives who cared much for us. In fact, the hospital arranged English-speaking midwives for me. Birthgiving has been the most important moment in my life so far and I have no regret delivering my baby girl in this hospital. I heartily appreciate Hospital Paris Saint Joseph’s kindness and professionalism. »
Mrs. A.A.

« Many thanks to all those involved in care and service during my stay. Extraordinary dedication. »
Mr. A.P.

« I wish to express the deep staisfaction I feel with the quality of care provided by the entire medical, nursing and hospitality team and their great kindness. »
Mr. H.G.

« I would like to reiterate my complete satisfaction with the functioning of your facility, including my relationships with your staff, the professionalism of your medical and support teams, including in ambulatory care, and your hospitality services. »
Mr. J-C.P.