Our mission and values

Our mission:
Our values:

Our mission

  • To cure :
    We strive to improve the well-being of all our patients, with no discrimination, while driving for excellence of care.
  • To care :
    In cooperation with all required healthcare parties, we look after all patients, including the most disadvantaged, all along their medical and medical-social pathway up to full cure.
  • To innovate :
    Our permanent research efforts and our ability to bring forward innovation underpin the continuous improvement of the treatments we provide.
  • To train :
    We train health professionals through teaching, knowledge transfer and experience-sharing by our teams.

Our values

  • Hospitality :
    > Receiving everybody without discrimination in the spirit of our Catholic founders
    > Sharing the idea that human warmth and sympathetic listening are a part of the medical act
    > Creating a climate of mutual esteem, equity and recognition, respecting everybody’s differences and personal values
  • Ethics :
    > Embracing multidisciplinarity
    > Encouraging thought and discussion
    > Upholding a code of medical ethics
    > Giving due weight to patients’ values and choices in all decisions concerning them
    > Communicating openly in a climate of trust
    > Managing personnel transparently and recognizing skills
  • Professionalism :
    > Continually enhancing the ability of all our professionals to deal with issues linked to practice, reflection, training, research and the statutory healthcare framework
    > Developing all our teams’ knowledge and expertise by promoting the sharing of experiences
    > Consistently empowering everyone in their job
    > Encouranging everyone to aim for excellence in their field
  • Team spirit :
    > Welding differing skills and expertise together in day-to-day practice
    > Creating appropriate, responsive teams to deal with all questions to be handled, problems to be solved and projects to be carried out
    > Recognizing collective success and enhancing its value

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  • Our mission and values