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France is renowned for the quality and excellence of its medical care. Its universities educate physicians and surgeons whose skills and expertise are recognized throughout the world.
Excellence Of French HealthcareFrench medicine combines quality and technological sophistication to ensure the best possible patient care.Therapeutic and technological innovations are key contributors to progress in healthcare.


In keeping with its promise to deliver exceptional care, GHPSJ offers a comprehensive robot-assisted surgery program. Using cutting-edge surgical technology, GHPSJ surgeons are able to perform the smallest of incisions that, for patients, result in less pain, a shorter hospital stay and a faster return to normal daily activities. GHPSJ has been at the forefront of minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgery for both routine and complex procedures. It is nationally recognized as an expert health care center for robot-assisted surgery performed in its urology and gynecology departments.

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    The Groupe hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph pursues a dynamic clinical research development policy.
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