Patient care program

Preparing your stay in the hospital


Established in 2012, our international unit accompanies you throughout your healthcare program and does everything possible to facilitate your stay in the hospital.

Our trilingual relations manager (French, English and Arabic) will be your resource person right from the start, when your file is examined, through to your discharge, and will be sending a detailed report of your stay in the hospital.

  • 1 Medical file
  • 2 Assessment
    by a medical
  • 3 Estimate (quote)
    within 48h max
  • 4 Payment
    for the stay
  • 5 Arrival at


How your stay will be organized


Your stay in the hospital will begin the day before your operation. A physician and a nurse will be there to answer your questions and give you the pre-operation instructions that have to be followed.

You will also be given detailed explanations about the way our establishment operates, your rights and duties, our complementary services and preparation for your discharge.


Key steps for your medical stay


    • 1
    • Arrival
    • 2
    • Reception by the international center manager
    • 3
    • You will get all the information you need about your care
      and the additional services available to you and your accompanying person
    • 4
    • Medical appointment with a specialist physician
    • 5
    • Medical arrangements for your stay (medical examinations and check-ups)
    • 6
    • Arrangements for your discharge



Key steps for your surgical stay


Your stay will begin one day before your surgery. A physician and a nurse will be there to give you all necessary information and instructions before your surgery. At this stage, you will be accompanied by the international center manager.


    • 1
    • Arrival one day before surgery
    • 2
    • Reception by the international center manager
    • 3
    • Consultation with an anesthesiologist
    • D-1
    • 4
    • Medical appointment with a specialist physician
    • 5
    • Pre-operative preparation
    • 6
    • Surgery
    • O-D
    • 7
    • Post-operative visit by surgeon
    • 8
    • Post-operative medical care
    • 9
    • Additional medical care if needed
    • D+1
    • 10
    • Arrangements for your discharge

Accommodation package


Your comfort is our priority

The Groupe hospitalier Paris Saint-Josephis proud to accomodate its modern, recently built premises, looking out on a large number of gardens that all contribute to a feeling of calm and well-being.
Our individual rooms are equipped with the amenties that make for top-quality accommodation.


  • 1 Hotel
  • 2 « A la carte »
  • 3 Television
  • 4 Wi-fi
  • 5 Press
  • 6 Translator


All our rooms have a safe at your disposal. If you wish, you can also request to make a deposit at the hospital central cash desk.

Please let the international center manager know if you intend to be accompanied by a person of your choice during your stay.

Special meals can be ordered for medical, religious and other dietary reasons.

Access to our two cafeterias where you can find light, convenient catering options, confectionery and snacks, press, hygiene items and more

If needed, you can request translation service from the international center manager.

Concierge service
An “à la carte” pay service is available. It includes international press, a toilet kit, meal trays delivered by a caterer to suit your tastes and requirements and a selection of international TV channels.

On request, we can also offer a whole range of extra services :

  • Driver
  • Meal tray delivered by a caterer according to suit your tastes and requirements should your doctor allow
  • Hotel or private flat reservations close to the hospital and at preferential rates
  • Hairdresser, manicure, pedicure
  • Deliveries according to your specific needs (special meals, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Multi-services (laundry, dry cleaning, etc.)
  • Advice and assistance in booking for your sightseeing tours, exhibitions, shopping and dining events.


Our concierge members are fully available to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.