Plastic surgery


Reconstructive and plastic surgery department

This department performs face, breast, abdomen and silhouette surgeries. Our team of experienced specialists treats and corrects defects of the skin and the structures beneath using the latest advances in surgical procedures.

Our care offer in esthetic surgery and skin aging treatment is supplemented with medical consultations focused on esthetic dermatology.

In this way, we provide our patients with a combination of medical and surgical advice, thus enabling them to choose the best-suited treatment.

The reconstructive and plastic surgery department, headed by Dr Philippe Levan, is composed of 7 highly qualified surgeons.

Department head

Dr Levant

Reconstructive and plastic surgery department head:

Dr Philippe Levan


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  • The main diseases treated
  • Face


  • Breast


  • Stomach


  • Esthetic medicine

    Esthetic medicine

  • Scar


  • Skin tumor

    Skin tumor



Techniques used

  • Recontructive surgery techniques
  • Esthetic Surgery

Medical Offer