Orthopedics department

Orthopedics is the branch of surgery that applies to bone, joint and muscle pathologies, as well as to injuries to the tendons and nerves that enable them to function.

Emergency surgery or trauma surgery concerns fractures, ruptured tendons, ligaments injuries or sprains and nerve or tendon transections as a result of deep wounds.

Elective surgery management is for spinal column surgery, arthrosis, deformations (arm, leg, foot), tendons  wear and tear or ruptures, hip and meniscal lesions and shoulder, knee and elbow surgery.

The orthopedic surgery and traumatology department is headed by Dr Pomme Jouffroy and is composed of 9 surgeons.

Department head

Dr Jouffroy

Orthopedic department head:

Dr Pomme Jouffroy


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  • The main diseases treated
  • Hip


  • Shoulder


  • Knee


  • Hand




techniques used

  • Prostheses
  • Surgery


Pelvic trauma

      The orthopedic department at GHPSJ specializes in the management of pelvic and acetabular fractures.
      Patients are usually admitted to the emergency department (in the orthopedic or resuscitation ward) directly at GHPSJ or are transferred from other hospitals who lack this expertise.
      Patients can also be handled and supported remotely, starting with the accident during which the fracture could not have been properly initially treated (malunion).
      The GHPSJ has formed a team consisting of several highly specialized orthopedic surgeons in this particular field as well as anesthetists, resuscitators, vascular doctors, Radiologists, vascular surgeons and urologists who provide the comprehensive management of these complex traumas. It also has state-of-the-art imaging tools.
      The GHPSJ is the first center in the world to have used these advanced technologies applied to acetabular surgery.

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