Oncology department

Thanks to our enhanced, customized healthcare,we can accompany you throughout your treatment. We aim to provide you with specialized care adapted to your own case from among the wide variety of situations encountered.

We offer you a full range of medical and surgical care using cutting-edge equipment (medical imaging, operating room and laboratory).

Our clinical research activity allows us to have access to clinical trials and emerging therapeutic approaches.

Department head


Oncology department head:

Pr Eric Raymond


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  • The main diseases treated
  • Digestive cancer

    Digestive cancer

  • ENT cancer

    ENT cancer

  • Male genital organs cancer

    Male genital organs cancer

  • Breast cancer

    Breast cancer

  • Respiratory cancer

    Respiratory cancer

  • Urinary tract cancer

    Urinary tract cancer

  • Female genital cancer

    Female genital cancer



Techniques used

  • Surgery
  • Medical imaging
  • Treatment

Medical Offer