Maternity ward

The maternity ward, which includes a neonatal intensive care unit, specializes in pathological and high-risk pregnancies and in care for preterm babies born at 30 weeks gestational age.

They provide:

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Modern birthing suites
  • Experienced midwives, specialist nurses and breastfeeding advisors
  • Unique atmosphere, personal attention and the security of an acute-care hospital

The day-care center provides monitoring in case of inadequate intra-uterine growth or the threat of preterm delivery. Monitoring twinspregnancies is a long-standing speciality in the department.
Specialized consultations are possible for high blood pressure, diabetes and dietetics.

The obstetrics department, headed by Pr. Elie Azria, is composed of 14 gynecologist-obstetricians, 8 anesthesiologists, 7 sonographers and a psychiatrist. 37 midwives take charge of pregnancy monitoring, birth and postnatal follow-up. They are randomized across the department’s service areas: consultations, birth preparation, sophrology, pathological pregnancies, delivery rooms and post-partum care.

Department head

Dr Azria

Obstetrics department head:

Pr Elie Azria


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  • The main diseases treated
  • Maternity unit

    Maternity unit

  • Preterm birth

    Preterm birth

  • Pathologic and high-risk pregnancies

    Pathologic and high-risk pregnancies



Techniques used

  • A high-risk pregnancy unit
  • A prenatal diagnosis department
  • A neonatal intensive care unit

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