Cardiology department

The cardiology department provides hospitalization, consultation and cardiac explorations services to support the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of all forms of heart disease.

Its work covers an extensive range of disorders: heart failure, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disorders, valvular heart disease, thromboembolic disease and high blood pressure.

In most cases, medical treatment is recommended under cardiologic seniorised monitoring.

In others, interventional treatment may be required and is performed by a dedicated team of interventional cardiologists.

The cardiology department, headed by Dr. Romain Cador, is composed of 28 practitioners.

Department head

Dr Cador

Cardiology department head:

Dr Romain Cador


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  • The main diseases treated
  • Heart failure

    Heart failure

  • Coronary artery disease

    Coronary artery disease

  • Heart rhythm disorders

    Heart rhythm disorders

  • Valvular heart disease

    Valvular heart disease

  • Thromboembolic disease

    Thromboembolic disease

  • High blood pressure

    High blood pressure



techniques used

  • Screening
  • Medical treatment
  • Interventional treatment
  • Consultations and cardiac explorations

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